Why it Pays to be Apart of our Prebooking Loyalty Program

I’ve been through some tough spots in my life; we all have. When you’re so overwhelmed you can’t decide what to do next, it helps to have an appointment on the books to pull you out of the house, out of yourself. No matter what else is happening, or not, in your life, when you come to Omari you experience a serene space in the day. And maybe, just maybe, you leave with a different perspective (in addition to prettier eye frames).

We are beyond excited with the number of people who have responded to our new loyalty program by booking six appointments out. (If you happened to miss the email, I’ll recap the details in a bit.) We're grateful people took to it so well, and we look forward to seeing folks more often and growing the business.


Our loyalty program helps us to plan when we know in advance how many people we’re going to see in a given week or month. It helps me build not only the studio, but also Nia’s growth as a gifted young aesthetician. 

So get those appointments on the books. Schedule and keep six appointments (from 4 to 8 weeks apart) and receive a 30% discount at your sixth appointment. This only works if you schedule in person or by phone, NOT online.

With your support and interest -- not to mention your awareness of just how great you feel when your brows and lashes are stunning -- two women of color are creating a thriving refuge. So: thank you. 

We are looking at some exciting additions to what we offer at the salon, so watch for an email within the next couple of weeks. And thank you, as always, for being here.

Caring for your brows between appointments


In my 10+ years of crafting brows, the question I’ve gotten most frequently is : how do I care for my brows between appointments?

Generally, it depends on the person. But I do have a few guidelines:

  • Absolutely no trimming. It can be difficult for you to trim your own brows without creating holes and sparseness. Leave that to me!

  • Visit the studio every 4-6 weeks, but if you like to stretch your visits between waxing or threading and feel like you must tweeze, I recommend tweezing just outside the shape. Never go into the shape. If we’ve created your perfect shape, the last thing you’d want is to get carried away with the tweezers! Trust me: leaving your brows be is crucial. Besides, delayed gratification is so rewarding.

  • Banish redness. If you experience redness after tweezing, you may want to ease up a bit. A lot of folks tweeze quickly, not only causing redness but pinching the skin—which can result in sores. My tips for a successful tweeze:

    • Always remove hair in the opposite direction of hair growth

    • Gently pull the hair from as close to the skin as possible without pinching the skin.

    • Grip the tweezers firmly and pull your hand in the opposite direction. This assures you pull the hair out of the follicle (instead of breaking it at the base of the skin.)

Small Business Saturday: St. Paul's Summit-University Neighborhood


Our new studio, on a quiet street in the middle of the Summit-University neighborhood, is part of an amazing community of small businesses that I love and admire—businesses where I feel at home, and businesses that keep alive the spirit of the thriving Rondo neighborhood that used to stand here.

Next time you’re at Omari getting your brows done or your lashes lifted, take a detour after your appointment for a cup of tea, a bowl of pho, or the perfect holiday gift.

Ngnon Bistro- my go-to spot for amazing pho and Vietnamese food in nearby Frogtown. 

Heritage Tea House- On a cold day, there’s nothing better than a cup of one of Heritage’s 25 tea options. I admire Raeisha, the owner (another woman of color business owner!)

Golden Thyme Coffee Shop- This true mom and pop coffeeshop is like home to me. Michael and Ms. Stephanie have operated Golden Thyme for over ten years, and it’s a pillar of theRondo neighborhood. Ms. Stephanie—the light of the coffeeshop—knows everybody. I am also proud to see them grow their business. The will be going into new construction just across the street from their current location.

Rachel Farganis- Omari’s next door neighbor! Rachel is a fabulous photographer with a distinct eye for capturing the precious moments of newborns and families (she will be shooting my sons and I this Sunday.)

Great Harvest- No words can describe the deliciousness that comes from the Great Harvest ovens. Just go there. And when you get a sample be sure to use the butter. Thank me later.

Root Salon- If you’re looking for an esthetician, I recommend Vanessa 

Ten Thousand Villages- One of my favorite places for fair trade and unique finds

Highland Nursery- Not exactly in the area but worth the short trip for beautiful holiday arrangements

Omari Brow Studio—gotta give another plug for Omari. Treat your people to the gift of beautiful brows and a moment of self care with an Omari gift card!

Threading for Clients Using retinol, Retin A, or Accutane

Everyone wants to know – what’s the advantage of threading over waxing? First and foremost there is preference – some people choose threading because they find that it takes longer for unwanted hair to grow back. For others, threading is their choice for hair removal because they are using skin creams, taking medication, or antibiotics that cause their skin to become thin and sensitive – like retinol, Retin-A, Accutane, or other topical acne medications. In this case, I highly recommend threading because no chemicals or heat is used to remove the hair. The additives and heat in wax can irritate sensitive skin, and unlike threading, waxing removes the top-most layers of skin. Threading is more gentle on the skin, and even more sanitary that waxing. You won’t hear me say threading is better than waxing for everyone – however, if you're using medicated skin creams, Retin-A, or taking antibiotics threading is the safest bet.