Caring for your brows between appointments


In my 10+ years of crafting brows, the question I’ve gotten most frequently is : how do I care for my brows between appointments?

Generally, it depends on the person. But I do have a few guidelines:

  • Absolutely no trimming. It can be difficult for you to trim your own brows without creating holes and sparseness. Leave that to me!

  • Visit the studio every 4-6 weeks, but if you like to stretch your visits between waxing or threading and feel like you must tweeze, I recommend tweezing just outside the shape. Never go into the shape. If we’ve created your perfect shape, the last thing you’d want is to get carried away with the tweezers! Trust me: leaving your brows be is crucial. Besides, delayed gratification is so rewarding.

  • Banish redness. If you experience redness after tweezing, you may want to ease up a bit. A lot of folks tweeze quickly, not only causing redness but pinching the skin—which can result in sores. My tips for a successful tweeze:

    • Always remove hair in the opposite direction of hair growth

    • Gently pull the hair from as close to the skin as possible without pinching the skin.

    • Grip the tweezers firmly and pull your hand in the opposite direction. This assures you pull the hair out of the follicle (instead of breaking it at the base of the skin.)