Why it Pays to be Apart of our Prebooking Loyalty Program

I’ve been through some tough spots in my life; we all have. When you’re so overwhelmed you can’t decide what to do next, it helps to have an appointment on the books to pull you out of the house, out of yourself. No matter what else is happening, or not, in your life, when you come to Omari you experience a serene space in the day. And maybe, just maybe, you leave with a different perspective (in addition to prettier eye frames).

We are beyond excited with the number of people who have responded to our new loyalty program by booking six appointments out. (If you happened to miss the email, I’ll recap the details in a bit.) We're grateful people took to it so well, and we look forward to seeing folks more often and growing the business.


Our loyalty program helps us to plan when we know in advance how many people we’re going to see in a given week or month. It helps me build not only the studio, but also Nia’s growth as a gifted young aesthetician. 

So get those appointments on the books. Schedule and keep six appointments (from 4 to 8 weeks apart) and receive a 30% discount at your sixth appointment. This only works if you schedule in person or by phone, NOT online.

With your support and interest -- not to mention your awareness of just how great you feel when your brows and lashes are stunning -- two women of color are creating a thriving refuge. So: thank you. 

We are looking at some exciting additions to what we offer at the salon, so watch for an email within the next couple of weeks. And thank you, as always, for being here.