The Art of Threading 101

Dates for 2018: november 4, & december 9

10AM – 4PM                                 

If crafting the perfect brow is our first passion, elevating and training practitioners in the sacred and ancient art of threading is our second. To that end, we offer one-day workshops to enlighten and inspire beauty professionals about this unique beauty-enhancing technique.

Why threading?

Threading has gained its popularity among people with sensitive skin, those using acne medication, or people who prefer a natural form of hair removal. With threading, there is no chemical being used to remove the hair – just cotton thread.

What will I learn during class?

This workshop will give you a basic foundation of threading skills to get you started threading right away. Expand your practice by learning:

  • 3 different holding techniques
  • How to properly twist the thread
  • How to properly remove hair from the follicle
  • How to consult with your client

You'll leave this one day workshop with confidence to call yourself a threader, as well a certification and tools so that you can begin offering the service right away. 

During the workshop we'll practice on each other the removal of hair from the upper lip, chin, eyebrows, cheeks, legs and arms. Please refrain from waxing and tweezing at least 2 weeks before class.